The most powerful car in the world, an unfinished relay race

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It remains to be seen that, in the midst of the boiling point of the new electric automotive era, where, according to each new addition to the list of electric hypercars, it supposes and will suppose an almost mandatory update of this list that orders the classification that governs which car is most powerful in the world , the ones that seem worst off in the fight to win such a scepter are the cars with thermal engines.

The most powerful cars in the world:

  1. Lotus Evija: 2,000 hp
  2. Rimac Refrigerator: 1,914 HP
  3. Pininfarina Battista: 1,900 hp

Is the most powerful car in the world gasoline, diesel or electric?

This means that it is of little use to make two lists differentiating which is the most powerful electric car in the world and which is gasoline or diesel because, in addition, I am sure that it will be increasingly difficult to make one that uses fossil fuel stand out. while, for battery or hydrogen fuel cell cars, the new-age cars will eat up ground for those who still cling to traditional fuels, unless some synthetic fuel saves them from burning, never better said, to those that seem inevitably doomed to extinction.

It should be noted that, for this list, we will only collect cars already for sale, even if they are in the pre-production phase but with definitive specifications, no crowdfunding projects of dubious credibility, only the most powerful cars in the world, even if their manufacture is limited to a handful of pieces.

Be that as it may, this is how hegemony is established, extolling the most powerful sports car ever built and a list of aspirants or dethroned kings.

Lotus Evija: the most powerful car in the world

Lotus Evija: the most powerful car in the world

For the Hethel manufacturer, the injection of Chinese capital has allowed it to launch as powerfully as it has ever done before. So much so that the most powerful car in the world is the Lotus Evija, “ibaiya” for the British and, I suppose, “buckle” for those from Gibraltar, who will surely forgive me for thelittleThanks to the joke, which, with 2,000 CV extracted from its four engines, uses electricity to catapult a car that should already be under construction since May 2021, announces that it is the most powerful car on the market since it has already been marketed .

Rimac Refrigerator, the most powerful and expensive appliance in the world?

Although it sounds like a joke, once again we have an example of brands not bothering to find out if the name of one of their models has a translation into another language. In this case, the Croats from Rimac have baptized their powerful car appliance of 1,914 CV of power as a Refrigerator. Sure enough, the C_Two project is now the Rimac Nevera .

Pininfarina Battista, the electric sports car with the perfect sound

We have said it actively and perhaps passively, although we doubt it, but the fact that electromobility does without such exciting elements as the sound of a thoroughbred must have been a puzzle for the Pininfarina engineers. For this reason, the 1,900 hp Battista will delight its occupants with an environmental system whose “melody” has been tuned correlatively to the tuning scale at 432 Hz, which musicologists adopt as the purest sound.

Be that as it may, in the video you can see the Pininfarina Battista as it will be manufactured but not hear it, because it sounds, no matter how good they say it sounds, it doesn’t sound.

Hennessey Venom F5, the first of the last

Lotus Evija: the most powerful car in the world

The first of the most powerful cars that still use fossil fuels to feed its engine is the production version limited to 24 pieces of the Hennessey Venom F5 that requires its owners to be able to enjoy the 1,817 CV of power that they have paid for. the 2 million euros that each copy has as a starting price.

SSC Tuatara, a controversial contender for (almost) everything

speed record

Another dream come true from another dreamer who, although he had to change the name of his company, his goal has been achieved and the SSC Tuatara is already a reality, expensive and powerful, but reality: 1,775 CV and 1.4 million euros .

Koenigsegg Jesko, standing

Lotus Evija: the most powerful car in the world

And when it comes to honoring the “fathers” of the most powerful creatures or cars , nobody beats Christian von Koenigsegg by paying homage to Jesko, his father, to whom he pays homage by making a car with 1,623 CV and more than 2 million euros.

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, it will not be the most powerful car but it will be the fastest

Lotus Evija: the most powerful car in the world

Because, although the fastest car in the world does not have to be the most powerful, it is true that the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ is part of the list of the most powerful cars on the planet (and also one of the most expensive: €3.5 million for each of the copies equipped with 1,600 CV).

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