The fashion world stormed torn shoes, the price of two and a half 1000 dollars!

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Nothing makes a storm in the world of fashion. Now fashion lovers are in a fever of such a shoe, which apart from being torn, is quite dirty.

Balenciaga is one of the most popular brands in the world. It is such a popular brand that famous stars of Bollywood and Hollywood are seen wearing this brand of shoes and bags. Now this brand has brought a shoe in the market that looks like a discarded, torn and dirty shoe all at once.

The shoe has been named the ‘Fully Destroyed Sneakers’. These shoes are coming soon under a special collection called ‘Paris Sneakers’ by Balenciaga.

According to the company, only 100 pairs of such shoes have been made. The price in Bangladeshi taka starts from 58 thousand taka. However, the more the shoes are worn, the more expensive they will be. The most expensive shoes of this band cost two and a half lakh taka.

When asked why such a shoe is made, the company says that they want to spread a special message through the shoe. And the message is ‘Sneakers are made to last a lifetime’. This is the message they want to convey to their customers.

These shoes in white, black or red color are mainly made of canvas cloth. Drywall is made of rubber. The richness of the dirt has been brought out through the variety of materials and special colors. Therefore, the organization claims that this is fashion, not torn.

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