How to make yourself look tall even if you are short

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Height plays a big part in human beauty.

It applies equally to both men and women. But if you don’t have this height and you want to bring height in yourself, then some things must be kept in mind when choosing clothes.

Clothing is not the only thing that conveys your personality to people. This dress also matches your beauty a lot. So let’s know what kind of clothes you should give more importance to make yourself taller, beautiful and more attractive.

Fashion experts say that both men and women should try to wear dresses with a slightly longer cut. It creates an illusion. Due to which the body structure seems very tall.

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For men, opt for straight cut pants. From the waist, the fabric gradually decreases in density, so that the pants are pressed straight towards the legs. These types of pants make men look taller.

  • As far as shirts are concerned, striped or printed clothing should be avoided as much as possible. Opt for a solid color shirt. In this case the collar should be much less wide than others. If you like to wear striped clothes, you can prefer long stripes.
  • Women can also follow the shirt tips in case of fatwa or tops. Men can rely on monochromatic Punjabi when it comes to occasions. But always prefer straight churidar with Punjabi.
  • If women wear sarees, instead of large designs and multi-contrast sarees, prefer monochromatic and small design sarees to make them look taller. Do not wear clothes with horizontal stripes. Wearing clothes with long stripes creates an optical illusion, and makes anyone’s body look a little taller.
  • Short people should never wear loose clothing. It makes the body look wider. Which makes your height appear even shorter.
  • Another simple technique to look taller is to always walk straight. If you are short then you must maintain fitness. Because when fat accumulates in the body, the width of the body increases compared to the length. To make you look shorter.

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You can use a little heel shoes to increase the height. Women as well as men wear stylish 2 inch high heels so no one will know you are wearing heels. Everyone will think your height is their real height.

So why the delay? Make a change in fashion by keeping the tips in mind and stand out a little bit more.

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