Do you know which helmet will provide more safety?

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Bikers want to roam freely in various places with their bikes. But to ensure this happiness of traveling, you must first ensure that you wear a helmet while riding a bike. But can all bike helmets guarantee your protection 100%?

  • The answer to this question is ‘no’. What are you surprised to hear? Not all helmets can protect your head from accidents, say helmet quality standards experts.
  • Only the use of standard quality helmets can protect the most important part of the rider’s body, the face and head, from injury.
  • Bikers love nothing more than a bike. So often the bikers like to travel with Sadh’s bike on unknown roads. But due to carelessness or non-use of standard helmets, these journeys often become a pain in the life of bikers instead of happiness.
  • There are some categories of standardized safety helmets in terms of safety. Such as full face, motocross, flip-up, ADV, open face and half face helmets. Currently, half-face helmets are encouraged around the world not to be used.
  • This is because half face helmets are not of good quality or fall under any standard. The use of such helmets is slowly becoming illegal in various countries as they cannot protect the biker 100%.

Currently, full face or ADV helmets should be used instead of half-face helmets. And 3:4 ratio helmets provide minimum safety to bikers. You can also buy helmets that guarantee international manufacturing, quality, and reliability for added protection. By using this bikers can protect themselves from head and face injuries in accidents.

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